What will you do with Creartis' virtual visit "Imagine New York" ?

- Browse more than 1,500 original and high quality pictures, from Manhattan and the other four boroughs of the city

- Visit more than 50 New York City districts, including historical districts

- Enjoy the precise captions for many buildings and places (they can be activated or disactivated at any time)

- Search for a building, an architecte or a place: more than 600 references in the index ; when available, you get several views of the buildings from different viewpoints

- Check on New York City map where is what you are looking at (at any time)

- Take one of the preset Tours

- Take a Tour through the centuries : chronological visits

- Select a theme, such as New York bridges, New York cars and bikes, New York and the sea, New York bizarre, ...

- Browse randomly for 100 photos

- Visits can be automatic or manual

- You can select your favorite pictures, and organize up to 15 photo albums

- You can customize with your own comments for any picture

- You can customize the virtual journey with your pictures of New York City (up to 100 imported photos) : include your comments and locate them on the map if you wish to.

- You can import your own music (up to 15 imported musics), and control the sound track at any time (20 preselected music tracks, which you can

- You can send an e-card to your friends

- You can play three New York City games : jigsaws, memory, photo quizz, each with 3 levels

- You can customize your screen (manual) or your speed (automatic)

- You can click anywhere on the map to get the pictures

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What you might do with later editions of this software :

exportation, print, album exports, more games, more importations, more musics...

If you have a question, just contact us !